Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

One thing I love about Christmas morning gifts as opposed to Christmas Eve gifts is that you can get away with wearing your jammies!

Now my crochet hooks will be organized!

I sent Mom, Dad, and Dave all on treasure hunts with clues throughout the house in order to find their gifts. Why is it so much fun to make Dad do new things? I need therapy :) German hat pins! Another gun....yippy LOL

Chewie loves her Canadian cat toy! Krissy slept through the festivities.
My favorite duck adorns this package.
Chewie loves her Mom-mom...
She caught her a fish!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Present time

Traditionally, my family has always opened presents the evening of Christmas Eve. Since I’ve been married to Dave we’ve gone the traditional Christmas morning route which worked out well this year. Christmas Eve with my parents and Christmas Day with his.

Dad Grant read “The Redneck Night before Christmas” which was enjoyed by even the Yankees and the Brit! Perhaps we’ll make it a Holiday tradition. We balanced this out by having Dad Gervens read the Christmas Story from Luke.

Gee loved her parakeet, but decided to name him "Pretty Boy" in hopes that he will learn to say his name. He'll always be Budgie to me!

Once again, Mom and Dad mutally agree to not buy presents for each other and once again Dad defaults on his end of the deal. :)

Ratatouille! Mom's favorite.

Do you think this will help him make a decision? Nah, but it'll be fun to look at!

I can’t remember for the life of me what this picture is about. Something funny was happening though. ;)

A tie for Apricot

A cat butt car freshener! Just what I always wanted. Thanks mom!
Stocking stuffers for Dave. Did I mention that he got more stuff this year than me??
Doesn’t he look handsome? I think he’s quite distinguished for his 16 years

Mom sang “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” while Dad played the guitar
Katy and Gilbert belted out a few tunes, and then everyone jumped in for Christmas carols around the piano. Dad and Dave even sang a couple of duets!

Not your Grandma's Christmas Dinner

There’s something about putting Dad Gervens out of his comfort zone that makes this dinner game so much fun to play. Maybe that’s why we only suffer through it when he comes to visit! Here’s the concept: You receive a menu with objects related to a theme. This year’s theme was Christmas of course so the menu items were Jingle Bells, Sleigh, Mistletoe, Manger, etc. Each item is assigned a food or utensil and each guest orders 4 different courses not knowing what each item represents.
It gets pretty hairy since you could theoretically order your fork, knife, spoon, and napkin all in one course and wind up with nothing to eat! Dad Gervens and Dave did exactly that and were forced to eat the rest of their food without utensils
Martin had to be the most ingenious diner. Here he is using his roll to scoop up mashed potatoes.

Gilbert is eating corn with ham. Hey, it's just like a tortilla! I think he's had experience.

I can't take credit for this one. Tearing off part of my paper plate and using it as a jello scoop was Martin's idea!
When all was said and done, we walked away with full tummies. Now that you're finished looking at all the delicious food, I can tell you what Martin did with THIS course. That's right-dinner mint stuffed olives. Who knows, it might be a delicacy in some country!

Christmas Eve Shootout!

Nothing says Merry Christmas like firearms and cow patties. With that in mind, we all headed down to the Bussey’s house to meet up for a good old fashioned blowing crap up session.

Aran is quite the marksman!

Dad tried out a plethora of handguns and guess what? Was still unable to come to a purchasing decision.
I really enjoyed firing my S&W airweight this time. Last time at the range, the recoil chaffed and cut my hand. I was prepared today with a leather glove. :)

These two bailed on us and went shopping!
Smutt Butt carrying on the legacy.

Target practice is great…for about an hour. After that, Mom and I had enough and drove back across the street to Belinda’s house where Sarah kept us entertained. Look at this! Blossom actually didn’t want to leave Mom Gervens. She was quite content to perch on her back all day. We have a bird whisperer in the house! All Blossom had for me was a runny dump about the size of a quarter! Think I’ll stick with parakeets.