Monday, April 30, 2007

Dave is so romantic!

He surprised me with a dozen red roses when he got home from work today. What a sweetie!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bridal Shower

Mom and I were strutting our stuff in June Cleaver dresses for Brooke's bridal shower.Brooke, I don't know what you are going to do with the giant poster of your two! Hope it looks good in your "shrine." LOL

Me and the bride to be

The traditional bow bouquet! Handcrafted by yours truly.
Lindsey was stressing out during setup, but she did a great job organizing everything.

Afterward, we met the guys at Ol' Heidelburg for schnitzel and bratwurst!

Friday, April 27, 2007


We made it back from our Tennessee excursion (ripping ourselves away from the plethora of antique stores) just in time to go to my parents house for a cookout. Dad grilled steaks and hotdogs and Mom topped our meal off with her famous red velvet cake.After dinner is was time to break out the Whoonu game. We really got to know a lot about each other. Just for the record....I won!

We finished off the evening by watching "Night at the Museum." Thanks again for the yummy dinner Mom and Dad!

Girl's Day Out

Mom and Dad Gervens arrived Thursday evening and since Dave had to work Friday, Mom and I seized the opportunity for some girl time. We drove up to Tennessee and our first stop was Sir's Fabric Outlet where Mom found some bargains. It's a seamstress's paradise! We then proceeded to Cowen to visit the grocery outlet (or "bent and dent" as my mother and I like to call it) where there were some serious bargains to be had!

All this shopping worked up and appetite so we stopped at the Corner House in Cowen for lunch. This century home turned restaurant served up delicious fare!

After lunch, we traveled up to Monteagle so Mom could see the beautiful campus of Sewanne (the University of the South) and so I could stop at Mountain Outfitters to buy Dave some work pants. On the way back down the mountain we stopped at this scenic overlook. What a gorgeous view!
This is the rock we climbed up, braving the grafitti and height!
Next stop was the Swiss Pantry in Belvadiere where we bought lots of treats from the Mennonites.

Pressing homeward, we wound up back in Fayetteville but instead of stopping at Sir's, we went antiquing! I found a Wedgewood Jasperware plate for $15 and took this picture of the exact vanity I had as a child. Boy do I feel old!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

Ahhhh...nothing like a catnap right after church on Sunday. Krissy's favorite thing in the world is to snuggle up beside anyone who will let her, and "make biscuits" on their neck. My little declawed masseuse is in demand these days since she spent some time over and Mom and Dad's. ;) I'm also accepting donations for neck liposuction. Your tax-deductible contribution will help someone in need find her chin and jawbones.Bathtime for Casey! Oh how he hates it!

The towel is to play tug-of-war with, right?
Ohhh...the suffering. Drying off is just as bad or worse.

All cleaned up and ready to go for a run with mommy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Terry's Pizza

A tradition in Huntsville since 1959, and an addiction in my family for almost as long! Granted, we've never tasted Northern pizza, but I dare say any "pie" would be hard-pressed to rival Terry's! Dad, Mom, and Katy love "chef's special" while Dave and I can't resist "sticky fingers!"

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

I've been experiencing birthday, goodies, surprises, and blessing all month such as an early birthday gift of an ipod video from my parents as well as the another June Cleaver dress that I couldn't resist. For the day of the big 2-5, Dave and Dad took me out to Providence's new Grille 29 as a special treat.

Dave got me a sweet mushy card...

and an armband so I can run with my ipod...

and an adapter to play the ipod through the car's sound system!

The day before my birthday, mom bought me some orange rolls from the Allsteak in Cullman as a birthday cake. Anyone you thinks this is a crappy substitute for a cake has obviously never tasted the Allsteak's famous orange rolls. If this became the traditional birthday fare, you'd get no complaints here!

At Grille 29 we ordered lobster quesedillas with scipy cheese sauce for an appetizer. Dave and I loved them, but Dad's not a big boiled lobster fan. Too sweet for his taste.

Dad and I got the same entree: Two 4 oz steak medallions and a fried lobster tail. I had cheese grits and lobster mashed potatoes as side items (pictured) and Dad had garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Dad really enjoyed the lobster prepared this way.

Dave enjoyed a New York Strip with gorgonzola cheese (yes, he found yet another item that tastes better with cheese) with steak fries and lobster mashed potatoes. Gotta get those starches in!

No room for dessert after all this! We loved Grille 29 so much that Dad is planning a date night for him and Mom soon. It's romantic, cozy, and takes you away from Huntsville!

Monday, April 16, 2007

New do's

This mane of mine was long overdue for a cut, and Mom was due for a re-touch on her highlights so off to Cullman we went! Sherry has been our colorist for at least 15 years and we have followed her all over Alabama in pursuit of her expert services. I'm currently au naturel, but love the opportunity for Sherry to cut my hair instead of going to a walk-in place. She is truly a master craftsman!! :)
I also got a conditioning treatment that exfoliates the hair before moisturizing. I can't believe how soft and shiny in made my hair!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

As and Aunt and Uncle you get to.........

Spend two hours on a hair wrap with charms. Good thing we had a movie to watch, Amelia!

Make silly photos for no reason.

Hang out and do nothing

Admire the kid's church clothes and enjoy the fact that you didn't have to iron them!

Play dress up in the fabric store instead of shopping

Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle!

Take pictures of the baby eat messy food knowing you don't have to clean it up
Encourage rude behavior
enjoy your niece's cute little outfits without caring when she inevitably spits up or poops on them

Take the time to sit down and watch cartoons

Build dinosaurs out of pipe cleaners and pom-poms

Be their superhero have to be careful since they watch your every move...
to make sure you have shoes that are worth filling. :p