Friday, April 13, 2007

Biker Chicks and Beach Bums

Just about the only thing we miss about Pensacola (besides family of course!) is the beach. Even though the main beach was full of spring breakers, we managed to have a great time.

The Groovy Gervens, Jr.'s
The Groovy Gervens, Sr.'s

Our absolute favorite place to eat on the beach!

Jared and Jess were in town and met us for some dessert and "floundering."

Dad ordered a piece of Key Lime Pie and this is what he got! He ate the whole thing by himself...well...I had a bite just to make sure it was ok. :p

SweetiesPensacola Beach near the pier

Sneakers at the beach...this is what you get!

Boys will be boys

Mom and I found some GREAT shells.

Kristie and I got to go for a ride with Art on his new Harley. Kristie was brave and went first.

Off they go!

Now it's my turn.

Anyone want to help me convince Dave to buy one? I think I'd look good with some tattoos and a leather ponytail wrap.

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