Sunday, April 1, 2007

Green Mountain Nature Trail

After the afternoon church service, several of us went up to Green Mountain to walk the nature trail. Praise the Lord for the beautiful weather! Photos are in reverse order because I am too lazy and techno-challenged to rearrange them. Enjoy!

All tuckered out

Some sort of pact about Andrew not speaking. How long could that possibly last??

Dad and Leah identifying all the snakes they hope to never run into

Aran getting a high-speed piggy back ride from Isaac.
Why not have another church service? We did actually sing a couple of hymns together.

Until Aran got too preachy! ;)

Three generations

The next Stetson cologne ad campaign??

Who is this hottie??

Brandon is getting so tall and thin!

Bella testing the waters

Aunt Katy and Uncle Gilbert on a romantic stroll
Afterward, we all headed over to Bruster's ice cream for a sweet treat! Yum..yum..yum

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patti said...

hey jenn,
the pictures are great. thanks for takin them and the journaling!