Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

I've been experiencing birthday, goodies, surprises, and blessing all month such as an early birthday gift of an ipod video from my parents as well as the another June Cleaver dress that I couldn't resist. For the day of the big 2-5, Dave and Dad took me out to Providence's new Grille 29 as a special treat.

Dave got me a sweet mushy card...

and an armband so I can run with my ipod...

and an adapter to play the ipod through the car's sound system!

The day before my birthday, mom bought me some orange rolls from the Allsteak in Cullman as a birthday cake. Anyone you thinks this is a crappy substitute for a cake has obviously never tasted the Allsteak's famous orange rolls. If this became the traditional birthday fare, you'd get no complaints here!

At Grille 29 we ordered lobster quesedillas with scipy cheese sauce for an appetizer. Dave and I loved them, but Dad's not a big boiled lobster fan. Too sweet for his taste.

Dad and I got the same entree: Two 4 oz steak medallions and a fried lobster tail. I had cheese grits and lobster mashed potatoes as side items (pictured) and Dad had garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. Dad really enjoyed the lobster prepared this way.

Dave enjoyed a New York Strip with gorgonzola cheese (yes, he found yet another item that tastes better with cheese) with steak fries and lobster mashed potatoes. Gotta get those starches in!

No room for dessert after all this! We loved Grille 29 so much that Dad is planning a date night for him and Mom soon. It's romantic, cozy, and takes you away from Huntsville!

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