Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jared and Jess' reception

This weekend we made the journey to Childersburg/Sylacaugua for Jared and Jess' marriage celebration. I can't tell you how fun it was to be able to hang out with a married couple in our age group who are Bible believers with no kids! I think they must be the only two on the planet besides us! LOL

Jess, your mom did such a great job on the decor. Everything was lovely, elegant, and just plain perfect!

Having never seen Steel Magnolias, I didn't really get the whole armadillo cake thing, but I can definitely appreciate the artistry behind it. That was no easy cake to create!Red velvet road kill!

I was so proud of myself for getting some cool, artsy shots and didn't even realize that my tacky date stamp was turned on!! Sorry guys!!
Releasing the butterflies and making wishes

Jess' little cousin caught one which means especially good luck. I think the poor thing was dead after just a few minutes of being her "pet." :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Brooke's wedding

It was fantabulous! Unfortunately, I have somehow deleted my personal pictures and have only what Dad took at the reception and some of the photographers previews. Brooke looked like a princess and the details couldn't have been better planned and pulled off by Martha Stewart herself!

I had to include these because Dave (OMG!!) had on a tie!!! Can you believe it? Don't think he wanted to, but we have this "weddings and funerals" agreement. Otherwise he wouldn't own a tie. :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mopar Car Show

Jared and Jess came up to visit us for the weekend and we all took Dad to a Mopar car show at the dragway for an early Father's Day treat. Jess and I didn't really get past looking at the pretty colors and working on our tans, but hey. If the guys were having fun then so were we. I have to admit the fun-run drag racing was really neat to watch. I'll just have to remember to wear earplugs next time!

You can't tell it from the picture since everyone is crowded around the car, but it's a General Lee reproduction. I don't know why the color looks red in this picture!
This is almost just like Dad's 1969 Coronet that was stolen from him in 1978. Same color and everything! The owners had a scrapbook in the trunk documenting the restoration process. Now THAT I can get in to. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

We haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

So what exactly have these two groovy Gervens been up to? Not much, so to the two people who actually read this blog you can thank me for not boring you to death. This pretty much sums up the first two weeks in June....

We have a neighborhood bunny. That's right! It's like playing where's Waldo because every time you go outside he's in a different spot in either our yard or the neighbor's. He's not shy either!Casey went to another playdate, this time with Grandpa and Mommy. He was completely worn out from picking so many play fights and driving the other dogs crazy. Yes, we have the ADD dog of the group.
Now for the coup de grace...the piece de resistance....check our our awesome Mr. Potato Head set I got at a yardsale! It is way too cool to give to kids, (they can't properly appreciate it's wonder and majesty) but if they ever visit our house we MIGHT let them play with it. ...MAYBE. There should be some sort of right of passage to go through first though. Don't you think?