Friday, September 14, 2007

Coral Reef Surprise!

Happy anniversary to us! And what better way for three junkies to spend it than a trip to Walt Disney World? Southwest had an incredible deal on airfare that just happened to be on our anniversary, so Dave was excited to come along with Mom and I on yet another of our trips to see the Mouse. After landing in Orlando and checking into our room at Old Key West, we rushed over to Epcot (and got our special Disney anniversary button pins) for our reservation at the Coral Reef restaurant. Little did we know that Mom had a special surprise in store for us.I was so happy that we were seated right next to the fish tank which had never happened in all of our 20 years of coming to Disney World. Additionally, there was a giant sea turtle taking a nap beside our table, so I chalked it up pixie dust and was enjoying our “lucky” spot.
Disney water just tastes better for some reason! LOL

After placing our orders, we noticed a diver in the tank who appeared to be feeding the fish so I grabbed my camera hoping he would wave to the diners or something and I could get a neat shot. Now for the cool surprise….He swam right up to our table and revealed his anniversary good wishes on a waterproof scroll! The whole restaurant was reading the message aloud then cheering and clapping. Next, he took out a ghostwrite/magnadoodle thing (remember those from the 90’s?) and wrote “even though I didn’t get invited to dinner!” on it. So funny and magical that Tinker Bell herself could not have given us this much pixie dust! If you would like to celebrate an occasion at the Coral Reef with a diver just contact my mother. Surprisingly, it is a free service but takes a lot of planning, begging, Disney know-how, and luck to be chosen! Thanks so much, Mom!

We hopped over to visit Figment afterward since he was right next door.

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