Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jack Hanna

This definitely ranks up there with one of the cooler experiences of my life. Dave had no idea who Jack Hanna was, and really doesn’t care about animals but still really like the show! Being the animal nut that I am it looks like I’ll be using my bachelor’s degree to scoop poop at the vet’s office. LOL!

Jack was super nice and took time with everyone for autographs, pictures, and chit-chat before and after the show Can you tell I'm super psyched? I'll never wash my arm again.Haha.

Jack took the gospel tract I gave him, thanked me, and promised to read it. I hope he is already saved because I can’t stand the thought of such an animal lover going to Hell. Just like I don’t like to think about the fact that Walt Disney probably wasn’t saved. Yes, there are thousands waiting to here the gospel in Africa….I’m so carnal. LOL

The cheetah was the last animal brought out and no one was allowed to get out of their seat or clap while he was on stage. Such a gorgeous cat! Their front claws are not retractable so they look similar to a dog’s paw which is kind of bizarre.

Afterwards there was a little meet and greet with some of the animals. Dave decided the two-toed sloth would make an awesome pet. They live their whole lives in three or four trees and only sneak down once a week to poop!

I forget what kind of armadillo this is, but his shell (which feels just like a sea shell) is almost hinged so he rolls into a perfect little ball. They are the funniest things to watch scamper around!

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