Saturday, November 10, 2007

Municipalities, Municipalities, everywhere and not a subdivision to be found

Of the many things that baffled me about New Jersey the presence of so many tiny municipalities had to be the most unusual. One can go from borough to borough to township (why they are called that and what the difference is I have no idea) in a matter of minutes. Each area has its own schools, police force, and post office even though the town itself seems to be about 3 miles big! Now we know why taxes are so outrageous up there. Kinnelon, Wayne, Butler, Newfoundland, West Milford, East Rutherford, Riverdale, Bloomingdale. Morristown, Pequannock, Pompton Lakes……I’m probably missing several….we traveled through all of these destinations within a matter of 15 minutes. How in the world the local keep them straight I’ll never know. And the funniest thing is that those native to the area think it’s a big deal to travel “all the way from Riverdale to Newfoundland” when it’s only a matter of minutes from one to the other with a zillion little towns in between. Guess I’m just used to being 30 minutes from EVERYTHING.

This is the high school that Dad attended and where Uncle Bill allegedly painted his initials on the dome! Boys will be boys.

Right across the street we have the post office where Dad worked for....a really long time. ;)

Dave's high school in Butler
Uncle Bill's business. It's so nice to see "Gervens" out and about.
John the barber in Riverdale. Do you know how many times I've heard about this man's haircuts? Dad availed himself of John's services, but Dave wasn't due yet. He'll have to let his hair grow out next time we are up.

Ahhh...the infamous Riverdale Baptist Church. Here she be!

The house where Dad grew up and where Grandma lived up until a few years ago.

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