Sunday, November 25, 2007

Surprise Sunday

Sunday was a busy day. All of the Bussey girls were at church with their babies and for the afternoon service in lieu of preaching we had us a “sangin’.” Can’t waste all the Bussey talent when they are all together!
Gilbert and Aran sang a duet that was GREAT. I’m so proud of Aran for getting up there, stepping up to the plate, and singing loud!

Then the whole family ministered to us in song. Great job guys. Cindy, Micaiah, and I also gave an encore of “A Living Prayer” despite torn up nerves!
This is just for you Aunt Margaret! Can you believe it?
So why is it "Suprise Sunday"? We're pregnant. Surprise!!
I had my suspicions about being pregnant and so did Mom, Dad, and Dave after I nearly fell asleep in my steak at Longhorn Sunday. Still, I didn’t want to test since it was so early and I didn't want to be disappointed, but Dad offered to buy one of those expensive early detection kits if I would just take it. Mom and I sneaked into Wal-mart and purchased the kit in the pharmacy so we wouldn’t see anyone we knew at the checkout. Good thing too since Cindy and Mandy met us at the door on the way out!
I headed upstairs followed by Dave (so he would be the very first to know) and lo and behold there was a very faint second line on the test that didn’t even take the full three minutes to show up. I ran downstairs to tell Mom who in turn told Dad who in turn tried to contain his excitement.
So we’ve had this great plan for the entire 2 months we’ve been trying to conceive: let’s not tell people until I’m showing and let’s tell our parent’s in person with some cute little grandma/grandpa items. That all went out the window when the little pink line showed up. Gotta tell the world! That is if my dad doesn’t get to it first. :)

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