Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day at Casa Bonita!

Thanksgiving Day was spent at Jared’s mom and stepdad’s house. Bonita cooked up a sumptuous feast for us!

Emily and Chris just adopted a Shi-Tzu puppy together. Isn’t he the cutest? Jared affectionately refers to him as a Crap-Tzu. :)

Jared, Bonita, and Emily
The next generation!
Bonita still has Jared's high chair. I remember this chair and have a picture of it somewhere!

Good food and good friends

This was the most intense game of Guestures I have ever played in my life (except for that one time Brooke displaced her knee after acting out “tug-of-war” and had to go to the hospital). The girls were way behind and it order to win by one point, we had to get 16 points on the last round. That meant choosing the hardest card whether I was confident or not! “Shelf” and “coat” went off without a hitch, but I wasn’t feeling too confident about the last two. However…Jess nailed “ulcer” and Emily nailed “caress” to give us the victory by one point. You should have heard the cheer that went up from us girls after the caress card was pulled from its slot.