Saturday, November 10, 2007

You mean there's other Gervens' out there??

The definite highlight of the trip was meeting all of Dave’s family that I’ve heard so much about. Additionally (but not more importantly I promise) I enjoyed meeting all of the family’s animals! I didn’t realize until we got home that I have mostly pet pictures and hardly any of people! Sorry guys! I was missing my "babies."

Uncle Bill decided that today was the day to clean out the chimney. I think he got more help than he bargained for. What an ordeal! Poor Aunt Dawn spent all afternoon cleaning up soot after the guys used the shop vac incorrectly.

We had a great time staying with Brian, Stacey, and Midnight. True to his name, the little night owl saw us off to the airport at 4:00 A.M. hehe.

Brenna and I had fun making crafts out of whatever we could get our hands on. I still don't know exactly what this is, but it has legs, wings, a tail, and a tongue made out of a Tic-Tic dispenser.
Didn't catch Kim's guinea pig's name, but it sure was a squeaker!
Since Kim boards horses, I'm not sure which belong to Kim and Stacey and which ones are boarders.

I know these two Icelandic ponies belong to Kristen and Brenna. Mom and I watched Bo roll his beautiful white coat in the mud before snapping these pictures!
A horse is a horse of course of course...

Mom and Quesedilla. I don't think I got any pictures of Cheyenne, the German Shepard. She is a gorgeous big girl who LOVES to play fetch.

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