Sunday, December 9, 2007

Disney Therapy Day 3

We got a later start than planned due to exhaustion. We’re getting old! One great thing about showing up at Animal Kingdom around 10:00 am and not planning to ride any rides is the opportunity to see active animals. It was so neat to see the Tigers do something besides sleep! We even saw one squat down to take a pee. :)

Isn’t the meerkat adorable! This is the first time I’ve seen one at the Animal Kingdom. They are usually in their little holes and out of sight. Hi Timon!

These were taken just for Dave who LOVES monkeys, especially gorillas. It’s amazing how human-like they are. I want a pet one! LOL

*yawn* Stupid tourists act like they've never seen a primate before!

Who ever thought a bat could be cute?? I assure you these vampire bats were adorable as they fly around, yawned, and noshed on their fruit treats. Usually they are just curled up in a Dracula pose and don’t move a muscle.

At 11:00 we showed up at Yak and Yeti for lunch. They are not taking reservations yet since they aren’t “officially” open so we were blessed to get a table.

The lettuce wraps were delish! I especially enjoyed the sauce that came with them.
Mom got a blue coconut drink that was good, but waaay too sweet for my taste.

Mmmhhh. Dim sum!
Sticky rice! Uncle Ben sure doesn't make it like this!

And for dessert..Fried cheesecake and fruit on skewers with a coconut sauce. Yum!As a special treat, we got to see "Devine" herself! I've never seen her out and about in the park and she is truly amazing to behold. I don't think I would have even noticed her had it not been for the crowd of people!

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