Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feed My Sheep!

It was time to hit the ground running as soon as our plane landed. I started working on Dad’s birthday cake early Wednesday morning and it’s a good thing too. This is actually the second attempt. The first sheep’s head fell off! I wound up getting to church in the nick of time and looking like a hobo once I got there.

Why a sheep cake for a 48 year-old man? Well, he is our pastor and since the cake was going to church….I wrote “Thanks for feeding us Preacher! Happy Birthday!” on the base. My smarty-pants parents were the first to notice that I omitted the comma between “us” and “Preacher” indicating that we were must be eating roast preacher every Sunday! I made sure they realized it was their fault for not “learning” me any better during my homeschooling days. :)

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