Sunday, December 23, 2007

Murder at the Grant's!

If my Aunt Margaret wrote the song “A Few of my Favorite Things,” murder mystery dinner parties would be included in the first verse. Traditionally, when she comes to visit we always celebrate with such a dinner and this visit was no exception.
This dinner had a 1950’s theme. Guess who was Bobby Sox!
Detective Dad Gervens making a recreation of the murder for investigative purposes
Dave played a greasy mechanic and I was the victim’s sweet, innocent little sister. At least one of us was type cast!
Aunt Katy aka "Miss Kansas City" wound up being the murderer! Dave and Gilbert guessed correctly.
Aunt Margaret styling in her pedal pushers
Uncle Gilbert was a Russian "scientist" and he delivere a splendid performance complete with an accent!

Uncle Martin's song and dance. He has some serious moves!

Thanks Mom and Dad for all the hard work you put into making this dinner a success.

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