Monday, December 24, 2007

Not your Grandma's Christmas Dinner

There’s something about putting Dad Gervens out of his comfort zone that makes this dinner game so much fun to play. Maybe that’s why we only suffer through it when he comes to visit! Here’s the concept: You receive a menu with objects related to a theme. This year’s theme was Christmas of course so the menu items were Jingle Bells, Sleigh, Mistletoe, Manger, etc. Each item is assigned a food or utensil and each guest orders 4 different courses not knowing what each item represents.
It gets pretty hairy since you could theoretically order your fork, knife, spoon, and napkin all in one course and wind up with nothing to eat! Dad Gervens and Dave did exactly that and were forced to eat the rest of their food without utensils
Martin had to be the most ingenious diner. Here he is using his roll to scoop up mashed potatoes.

Gilbert is eating corn with ham. Hey, it's just like a tortilla! I think he's had experience.

I can't take credit for this one. Tearing off part of my paper plate and using it as a jello scoop was Martin's idea!
When all was said and done, we walked away with full tummies. Now that you're finished looking at all the delicious food, I can tell you what Martin did with THIS course. That's right-dinner mint stuffed olives. Who knows, it might be a delicacy in some country!

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