Monday, December 24, 2007

Present time

Traditionally, my family has always opened presents the evening of Christmas Eve. Since I’ve been married to Dave we’ve gone the traditional Christmas morning route which worked out well this year. Christmas Eve with my parents and Christmas Day with his.

Dad Grant read “The Redneck Night before Christmas” which was enjoyed by even the Yankees and the Brit! Perhaps we’ll make it a Holiday tradition. We balanced this out by having Dad Gervens read the Christmas Story from Luke.

Gee loved her parakeet, but decided to name him "Pretty Boy" in hopes that he will learn to say his name. He'll always be Budgie to me!

Once again, Mom and Dad mutally agree to not buy presents for each other and once again Dad defaults on his end of the deal. :)

Ratatouille! Mom's favorite.

Do you think this will help him make a decision? Nah, but it'll be fun to look at!

I can’t remember for the life of me what this picture is about. Something funny was happening though. ;)

A tie for Apricot

A cat butt car freshener! Just what I always wanted. Thanks mom!
Stocking stuffers for Dave. Did I mention that he got more stuff this year than me??
Doesn’t he look handsome? I think he’s quite distinguished for his 16 years

Mom sang “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” while Dad played the guitar
Katy and Gilbert belted out a few tunes, and then everyone jumped in for Christmas carols around the piano. Dad and Dave even sang a couple of duets!

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