Thursday, December 13, 2007

SCS party

The SCS Christmas party this year was held at a Greek restaurant downtown which I forget the name of at the moment. The food was pretty good particularly the Greek salad which I feel in love with. Had to run out and buy feta cheese and olives the day after!

It’s neat to have church family at company events now! We are actually planning a BBBC coup d’├ętat of the entire company, but don’t tell Bryan.

One cool thing this year was the DJ/MC group which hosted a game show for us to compete in. As if I and everyone else who’s been around me for longer than 5 minutes didn’t already know, Jenn is entirely too competitive. Throw prize money in the mix and you have a rabid beast on your hands. Still, I didn’t want to get up there alone so Mac graciously agreed to suffer with me. All was well and good until the first draft picks got up to play and I realized that Michael (who was sitting at our table) was answering everything correctly! He can quote every movie and sing every song produced from 1960 until now. *sigh* This was hurting my vicious, competitive, Stewie Griffin-like heart so I did the logical thing and scratched out Mac and mines names and placed them on what I thought was a separate round from Michael’s group. Turned out it was the winner’s bracket so the names were promptly changed back.

Now it was time to face the music (and movies) against Michael. Fortunately, the questions were about dumb Pop culture stuff, otherwise we’d have a problem on our hands with Mac.

Gosh, I'm short!

I was feeling pretty good about myself after gaining a sizeable lead with Sweet Home Alabama, Top Gun, and the sound of bowling pins.

The lead was short lived however as Michael came back from behind and kicked my butt with “A Few Good Men” quote that I didn’t buzz in in time for (note the score).

Even the worst looser in the world summoned the strength to take pictures of her Dad’s round. Perhaps a Grant could “represent” this evening after all. Alas, it was not meant to be. Didn’t know Dad was so up on his Paula Abdul discology though. :P I think he got a little illegal help from Dean.

Well, I guess being a sore loser pays off when you compete against such a gracious, sweet winner. I was all set to change my ways when he reinforced my bad behavior by handing over his prize money after his Christmas bonus envelope came around. Thanks Michael for exhibiting the true spirit of the season unlike some of us…hehe. And thanks Bryan and Dean for handing out money envelopes! I warn you that next year, VICTORY SHALL BE MINE!

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