Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Pirate's Life for Us

Mom was one of the few people across the country chosen to host a Disney Cruise Line "house party." Though the whole point was to promote DCL and encourage people to book a cruise we managed to have loads of fun along the way. Thanks to all the ladies from church who came out for the fun and fellowship!

Polly want a cracker?
No, but he'll take some millet any day!

Aran was a good sport about having to hang out with the ladies all day, and as usual he found a way to ham it up.Argh ye scarveys!

Linda and Bindi have a jolly good time

Of course I had to bring a themed cake

One of our challenges was to build a ship with nothing but scissors, string, tape, and whatever we could find around the house that could float a can of soda . Katy was just lucid today! The "Whispering Wench" won the contest for buoyancy and beauty!

What's a cruise party without a towel animal demonstration?


While us girls were hard at work with our cruise party, Dave played the day away. :) Check out the progress! All I know is that pretty colors are coming together and there's no more rust. Good job, Honey!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon

13 years old already! Brandon is now older than I was when he was born. Wow...bring on the wrinkle cream!

I was worried about the cake since it didn't turn out to be NEAR the piece de resistance that last weeks fondant creations were. I needn't have worried since boys just care about the taste anyway! Hehe.

Bending waaay over to blow out those candles. What are you now, Brandon? 5'7"??Sadly, Csilla had to catch a ride to Birmingham with Shana. We had such a nice visit and hated to see her go!
Present time!
Such a handsome devil!

Brandon got lots of nice gifts, but next year I'm wrapping up a stick for his parents to beat the girls off with. They are going to need it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Girl's Day Out

Csilla was in town as her first week as a U.S. Citizen! We had to go to Bridge Street so she could see all the new "happenings" and as we were leaving (after spending an obscene amount of money at Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret) the PF Changs manager stopped us and invited us in for a free meal! Today was a soft opening/employee training day so they were looking for guinea pigs. It was tough work, but we decided to be socially responsible and do a good deed by letting them practice on us. :)

The cutest little teapots! I want one!

We decided that P.F. Chang's lettuce wraps were better than Mama Fu's.Michelle mixing up our Chang sauce
All our frivolity and free food put us at our girl's lunch meeting VERY late. Thanks for letting us have dessert with ya'll! Here's Cindy inspecting her monster brownie

She needed a little help eating it.

After both lunches we were off to the courthouse so Csilla could put in an absentee vote for Ron Paul of course! Here she is making her very first vote in this country.
After a few hours of Spades and dinner at Cindy's, we headed back to my house for a little impromptu sleepover. I'm thinking of being a rocker if I could only sing. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let them eat cake!

Mandy and Katy both celebrated a birthday this week so they each got a cake! This was my first time working with fondant and although it took forever, I was pleased with the results. Buttercream with fondant flowers and bird
100% fondant!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Baby Chewie

I wish she liked me this much, but it's really the blanket she's in love with. :)