Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Pirate's Life for Us

Mom was one of the few people across the country chosen to host a Disney Cruise Line "house party." Though the whole point was to promote DCL and encourage people to book a cruise we managed to have loads of fun along the way. Thanks to all the ladies from church who came out for the fun and fellowship!

Polly want a cracker?
No, but he'll take some millet any day!

Aran was a good sport about having to hang out with the ladies all day, and as usual he found a way to ham it up.Argh ye scarveys!

Linda and Bindi have a jolly good time

Of course I had to bring a themed cake

One of our challenges was to build a ship with nothing but scissors, string, tape, and whatever we could find around the house that could float a can of soda . Katy was just lucid today! The "Whispering Wench" won the contest for buoyancy and beauty!

What's a cruise party without a towel animal demonstration?

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