Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Busiest Saturday Ever!

Let me start out by saying what a refreshing blessing it was to fellowship with someone my age with no kids who dotes on their pet. Most of the time I feel like I'm either 40 or 16 depending on the day so I can't tell you how fun it was to kick back and be 25!

Our first stop of the day was the art museum. Cultured? No, Lexi just needed an excuse to take snarky pictures..

Case in point. What is the artist trying to say? I believe it is a feminist piece that relies on the subtleties of symbolism to depict the paternalistic attitudes directed at women in the last century. For some reason, it gives Lexi a sense of urgency.

A true masterpiece!We got the chance to be artists ourselves!

This work is representative of Lexi's dream of stabbing a cop in the head with a pencil! It was in self-defense though.
Lexi drew an Impressionistic work that demonstrated her talents.
Hey! An actual piece of art at the art museum!

All that exposure to culture made us hungry! Chopsticks...
They're for losers. Real women use their fingers.

Let's do some shopping. Even the squirrel is bearing the brunt of Lexi's violent dreams.
Found my high school alarm clock at an antique shop. Hmmm...And we're off to Rembrandt's for more treats! It was a beautiful day out today though.

After a delicious dinner of tomato basil soup and eggs in a basket (my new breakfast favorite) prepared by Lexi, we decided to take Sadie to the dog park to reduce some of her energy. Haha...that's a joke.
Sadie was not afraid to run with the big dogs! This husky was gorgeous. She had one blue eye and one brown, but I couldn't get her to be still long enough to capture her face properly.

What's this???
A dog I can dominate, Mom! Look at me!

Eventually, she was kinda tuckered out. Or bored, we can't tell which. In true Auntie fashion, Aunt Jenn had to hold her niece to keep her from getting more spankings for getting into the trash.
Settling down a bit...
Ahhh..this is what being an aunt is all about.

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