Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Fetching Cat

Forgive her hair please! She has a homemade summer “Mommy cut” with only her big fluffy tail to show for her former glory.
Chewie has always played fetch with hair elastics (even though nobody believes me). While Dave and I were walking the dog this evening, I found this little soccer ball foam hand exerciser ball on the ground and snagged it thinking it would be good to strengthen my left hand since I’m learning guitar. I tucked the ball into the computer cabinet and settled down for some web time and forgot about it. Chewie kept getting in my lap and trying to get at the ball. Finally I threw it for her and this is what happened! She’s continuing to retrieve as I type this and I’m about to take it away from her because Mommy is tired of playing! The funny thing is that our Boxer doesn’t fetch AT ALL. This is really bugging Dave.

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Lydia said...

Fantastic! Somehow this fits you perfectly! haha What a cool cat!