Monday, March 17, 2008

The Trip From Hell

You think I exaggerate, but no…this trip was not from Sheol nor Purgatory but straight from the pits of a devil’s Hell. He conjured it up in order to break and discourage us. I won’t elaborate on all the sordid details since I don’t want that pesky eye tic to crop back up, but I’ll hit some of the highlights at least.

The job was to set up this booth at Warner Robins Airforce base about 6 hours from home. Everything that could possibly go wrong DID. Enough said

Of the many things that went wrong, this is where we were sent to repair our broken-down truck passing a reputable-looking dealer on the way (Andrew was doing the very best he could from so far away...this is no slam to him. Just HAD to post these pics).

Here we have the "office." Note the Visa/Mastercard symbol above the gas can.

More of "the office"

The kiddos tree house next to the office! You can't see it in the picture, but there's a big plastic bulldog mounted on the hood just to give it a touch of class. My shot of the owner's home didn't turn out because of the rain, but that's ok considering the "Merry Christmas" lights on the roof weren't lit up anyway.

It's a good thing the air museum was free since we only got to look at 1/4 of it before being summoned for yet another crisis.

A handful of purpose from the Lord! A great local seafood restaurant where we dined several times had Georgia Lotta Keno going 24/7. Dave and I decided to try our hand at a game and won $5! I'm laughing hysterically in this picture (you know that mad laugh you get when you're about to loose your sanity?) because the owners and lotto lady thought we were so cute getting so excited about one Keno play and $5. And for you pendanic, doctrinaire Baptists out there, this WAS a handful of purpose from the Lord. I would have purchased the ticket if He were standing next to the cashier. Bite me.

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