Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy 84th Birthday!

We celebrated Gee's birthday a day early with cupcakes and a basket from The Fudgey Nut Bakery!
Make a wish!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hershey's Bliss House Party

Or should I say church party? We had a great time with a fellowship taco pile-on and loads of free chocolate!

It was nice to have Angel and Gloria with us!
Dave in mid-chew. Who wants chocolate when you can have shredded cheddar cheese for dessert?

check out if you'd like to host a party of your own with lots of free goodies!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Georgia Aquarium

On Saturday, we battled to crowd to see the world's largest aquarium! Here's our token 3-D glasses picture with Dave being a stick-in-the-mud as usual. :p

The Georgia Aquarium is sooooo crowded on Saturday and I wouldn't recommend bringing a child except maybe during the week. They would get lost for sure in the crowd! The nice thing about the aquarium is that it is set up so that you can see each and every thing that you want. The animals have plenty of room, but the viewing windows are placed so that you'll never come to an exhibit and be unable to view the animal because they are hiding or sleeping.

Penguins! see how his head is underwater but not his back? They are so fun to watch "fly" underwater.

This little guy kept diving down to interact with a toddler and his toy!I'm king of the hill!


What a weird-looking fish! He's actually brighter than the picture shows.

There were lots of hands-on exhibits and my favorite had to be the sea anemones. They kind of suction to your finger when touched. We also touched baby sharks, stingrays, horseshoe crabs, and had the option of touching starfish but they were on their 15 minute break when we came by. Must be union starfish.
Belugas. They were fun to watch play and nip at each other.

Can you see the four otters sleeping with their toys? They are so tightly packed together than you can't tell where one otter starts and the other one ends!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Lion King

You won't find any pictures of the show since photography isn't allowed, but let me just say that I was completely "wowed!" There was so much to see and look at not only on stage (we were on the second row!) but up and down the aisles as well. Total theatrical eye candy. With the combination of second row seats and Mom's binoculars we could literally see the whites of the performer's eyes. Crazy!

This is the view from our hotel: The downtown Atlanta Hilton Garden Inn. That round building in the foreground is the aquarium

Dad and Dave stayed at the hotel and watched TV all night while us girls experienced the arts.

The four of us ate dinner together at The Peasant Bistro downtown and there was certainly no food served that was peasant-like by modern standards.

Mom had the short ribs

Dad had the pork chop with mac and cheese
Dave had the duck with sausage
I had sea bass

Did you know that if you look at yourself in the concave side of a spoon, your reflection appears upside down no matter how you turn the spoon? We didn't until today. The waiter rushed over and asked if our silverware was dirty. Nope. We're just easily amused and don't get out of Alabama much.
After dinner, we watched the fountain show at Centennial Park and soon it was time for Mom and me to catch a taxi to the Civic Center for The Lion King!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

School's out for good!

Noah sure seems happy about it! After Julie and I took our exit exam we went out to Lawler's with Jeremy and Noah.

Daddy wouldn't give him a single bite! Talk about a sweet tooth. :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend with the Pilkingtons

We NEVER get to hang out with couple our age who don't have kids so anytime we can spend with Jared and Jess is a treasure. It's amazing how much younger we feel after a visit with them. Oh wait! I fogot we're still in our 20's and not 45. :)

Playing Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2

Jess and I did some shopping at Bridge Street while the guys went golfing.
They ministered to us in song Sunday which was a blessing as always. How does Jess pack such a big voice in her petite body??

Dave would DIE THE DEATH if he knew I posted this video, but maybe he won't find out. Jared has a liiiitle more rythym than the rest of us. Pretty fly for a white guy! :p I was smart enough not to show anyone else how to use the digital camera video setting. Hehe.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dinosaur Uproar!

Mom and I had a fun day today that included a trip to the botanical gardens. They are having a dinosaur theme right now which I thought kinda weird, but it was cool nonetheless.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Early Birthday!

April 17th fell on a day that both Dave and Dad would be on out-of-town trips and Mom had to work so we had an early celebration on Wednesday. Dad made the cupcakes himself! I didn't put two and two together with the jungle theme until it was time to open my to the Lion King on Broadway in Atlanta! Thanks, Mom!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Bird Whisperer

To say that Dad loves his new chickens is an understatement. They now have free range of the backyard before going in to roost and lay eggs at night. Dad and I like to dig up worms to feed them as special treats. They will even come running when he calls!

Buttercup, get off the pitchfork!
Buttercup is a squirmy little booger, but she's Dad's favorite because he thinks she's smarter than the others. I personally like one of the twins (we can't tell Pansy and Poppy apart) since she like to be held and petted. Petunia just kinda does her own thing, but I think she's the largest of the four. A robin must have heard the word that this is a bird-friendly house so she decided to lay her eggs on the back porch light fixture!

Cake, glorious cake

Sunday we had some cake to celebrate the April birthdays. My birthday gift to myself was not making an elaborate cake for everyone! I think it turned out just as well since I got the message across.

Micaiah was too snobby to eat cake in our presence or have his picture made with us. Guess he was insulted that he was a bee. I will make him a ladybug next year and not allow him to have a piece. :)Both of us are blinking and I look 5 months pregnant. This is what aging does to you.

The younguns' (their new name since I am so old) sang that afternoon and did a great job. Leah made her harmonica debut!