Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Bird Whisperer

To say that Dad loves his new chickens is an understatement. They now have free range of the backyard before going in to roost and lay eggs at night. Dad and I like to dig up worms to feed them as special treats. They will even come running when he calls!

Buttercup, get off the pitchfork!
Buttercup is a squirmy little booger, but she's Dad's favorite because he thinks she's smarter than the others. I personally like one of the twins (we can't tell Pansy and Poppy apart) since she like to be held and petted. Petunia just kinda does her own thing, but I think she's the largest of the four. A robin must have heard the word that this is a bird-friendly house so she decided to lay her eggs on the back porch light fixture!

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