Friday, April 25, 2008

The Lion King

You won't find any pictures of the show since photography isn't allowed, but let me just say that I was completely "wowed!" There was so much to see and look at not only on stage (we were on the second row!) but up and down the aisles as well. Total theatrical eye candy. With the combination of second row seats and Mom's binoculars we could literally see the whites of the performer's eyes. Crazy!

This is the view from our hotel: The downtown Atlanta Hilton Garden Inn. That round building in the foreground is the aquarium

Dad and Dave stayed at the hotel and watched TV all night while us girls experienced the arts.

The four of us ate dinner together at The Peasant Bistro downtown and there was certainly no food served that was peasant-like by modern standards.

Mom had the short ribs

Dad had the pork chop with mac and cheese
Dave had the duck with sausage
I had sea bass

Did you know that if you look at yourself in the concave side of a spoon, your reflection appears upside down no matter how you turn the spoon? We didn't until today. The waiter rushed over and asked if our silverware was dirty. Nope. We're just easily amused and don't get out of Alabama much.
After dinner, we watched the fountain show at Centennial Park and soon it was time for Mom and me to catch a taxi to the Civic Center for The Lion King!

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