Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend with the Pilkingtons

We NEVER get to hang out with couple our age who don't have kids so anytime we can spend with Jared and Jess is a treasure. It's amazing how much younger we feel after a visit with them. Oh wait! I fogot we're still in our 20's and not 45. :)

Playing Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2

Jess and I did some shopping at Bridge Street while the guys went golfing.
They ministered to us in song Sunday which was a blessing as always. How does Jess pack such a big voice in her petite body??

Dave would DIE THE DEATH if he knew I posted this video, but maybe he won't find out. Jared has a liiiitle more rythym than the rest of us. Pretty fly for a white guy! :p I was smart enough not to show anyone else how to use the digital camera video setting. Hehe.


Shannon said...

OH my goodness.. that was hilarious!! Thanks for the good laugh. :0)

Stephanie said...

I am so behind on your posts but the name Pilkington sounds really famillar. Is her dad a pastor? I think I might have gone to their camp as a kid. Totally hilarious video too!! I'm kind of surprised Dave actually did it! LOL