Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm so stoned

Ain't she a beaut, mate? The family curse passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. If only kidney stones were as valuable as pearls this would be considered a gift!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fight Weekend

We were thankful to have one last weekend with Jared and Jess before they move to Pensacola. Dave and Jared golfed all day Saturday (notice the sunburn?) while Jess and I shopped and went swimming at Bonita's house. We all went over to Buckshot's for the UFC fight and enjoyed some of Sheena's hooooooot hot wings. They just got a German Shepard pup. Meet Gretchen!

It was special to be there for Jared and Jess' last Sunday and to hear them sing one more time

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Let's set sail with Captain Martin

Aunt Margaret and Uncle Martin came over to visit us at Wilderness Lodge and we had several adventures together! Uncle Martin sailed us around Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon for a half hour. Ahoy!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Disney Videos

The first video of of Miyuki, a Japanese candy art expert. I can't understand 2 words she is saying most of the time, but she is a bundle of talent! She made Mom a lizard this day, but the video is of her making a koala bear.

The second video is a plant we saw on our tour of the Disney greenhouses. It's in the mimosa family and respondes to touch! Weird.

This is the new element of Spaceship Earth. We had so much fun playing with it that we rode twice!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Farewell Disney Trip

That's right! We didn't renew our annual passes so this is the last trip for a long time. Since I've posted hundreds of Disney pictures (and Mom took about 300 more this trip!) I'll just hit the highlights and some of the new things we did.

Wilderness Lodge was great! It's a smaller resort so it felt more cozy and the service was the best we've had at any WDW resort

Donald surprised Mom with a balloon bouquet and battery powered fan/mister!

One afternoon we had tea at the Grand Floridian. It was neat to eat girly sandwiches and drink tea from Royal Albert china. Nevermind we looked frightful from a morning in the parks!

Later in the week, we ate at Jiko and Dad had arranged for a late graduation gift to be delivered: a rose and silver bracelet from Disney Florist! How sweet is that? He and Dave also mailed us cards during our stay. :)

MGM, or Disney Hollywood Studios as they have now decided to call it, has a new parade called Block Party.

It was neat to see the new floats and characters, but honestly I didn't see too much of the action because I was too busy watching the gays get their groove on! Maybe I have a warped sense of humor, but this was just too funny. Notice how everyone else is just kinda standing around like "Participate? Dance? Whaa? It's hot out here!" while the gays get jiggy with the cast members. I still can't figure out the one guys' outfit. Is that a skirt OVER shorts with a cropped top?? The one couple was across the street from us so I apologize for the up close shots of the cowgirl's crotch getting in the way...unless you are a 14 year-old boy in which case, you're welcome!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

The ladies had a special treat for Mother's Day (besides having the men feed us lunch and clean up afterward). Leah and Sarah sang a duet to open up our little service.
Then Katy, Cindy, and Andrea performed a funny skit. We're STILL laughing at Katy's antics.

Bussey musical talent runs deep. These kids can make a recorder and a harmonica sound like a professional production!

Friday, May 9, 2008


The big day finally came! It was also 300 other people's big day. :) Here we are all trying to get organized. Poor unsuspecting stranger has no idea that his rear end is the star of our blog!

It's safe to say that Mr. Dwiggins was more excited about graduation than Julie! Notice his blue undershirt? It says "Athens State University Dad" on it. ;)

It was so fun to graduate with Julie and have some company during line-up.

None of the ceremony pictures turned out from so far away, but you didn't really miss anything. The important thing is that I'm holding that piece of paper. Ruuuuuunnnn before they take it back!
We've come a long way, baby!

The Dwiggins' had a nice little after party for us at Logan's complete with chocolate and balloons!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Salon de Pilkington

Jared and Jess both give amazing haircuts. Dave is the recipient of Jared's artwork. Can't do it right without that apron!

Happy Birthday Aran!

Aran turned 11 years old this week! With all the trouble I put into this cake, you'd think I'd make sure we had some candles...

Leave it to Dad to improvise the redneck way.
Blow out that match, man!
Aran got lots of cool gifts, most of which are going to enable him to outfish everyone!
Never underestimate the power of a lucky fishing shirt.
Two peas in a pod are these guys!
Cold hard cash. The best gift of all.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Mom and Dad both put a lot of work into hosting a graduation reception for me at their house. I was touched at how many people showed up!
Sheena and Jess
Delicious treats!
Miss Nina looking smokin'!
Noah chasing a chicken
The three quiet Pulaski's were in attendence sans their rowdy paterfamilias
Mrs. Sandi didn't really want to pet the chicken but gave into some peer pressure.

Bella and Jess
I'm always nervous when a big group gets together and not everyone is familiar with each other, but amazingly everyone seems to mingle and have a good time.
Perhaps it was the chickens that brought us all together!Brooke and Chris
Dad and Noah

The fam!
My fellow alumnist
Gee being sociable
Marcia and Doyle seemed to hit it off!
More presents!
Aran and Jared
Brooke loves her some chickens! If "the ladies" only knew about her Chic-Fil-A background I doubt they'd be so amiable. :)
Buck and Jared
Funny card

Thanks to everyone who attended! I really appreciate all the gifts, congratulations, and support. Love ya'll!