Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Farewell Disney Trip

That's right! We didn't renew our annual passes so this is the last trip for a long time. Since I've posted hundreds of Disney pictures (and Mom took about 300 more this trip!) I'll just hit the highlights and some of the new things we did.

Wilderness Lodge was great! It's a smaller resort so it felt more cozy and the service was the best we've had at any WDW resort

Donald surprised Mom with a balloon bouquet and battery powered fan/mister!

One afternoon we had tea at the Grand Floridian. It was neat to eat girly sandwiches and drink tea from Royal Albert china. Nevermind we looked frightful from a morning in the parks!

Later in the week, we ate at Jiko and Dad had arranged for a late graduation gift to be delivered: a rose and silver bracelet from Disney Florist! How sweet is that? He and Dave also mailed us cards during our stay. :)

MGM, or Disney Hollywood Studios as they have now decided to call it, has a new parade called Block Party.

It was neat to see the new floats and characters, but honestly I didn't see too much of the action because I was too busy watching the gays get their groove on! Maybe I have a warped sense of humor, but this was just too funny. Notice how everyone else is just kinda standing around like "Participate? Dance? Whaa? It's hot out here!" while the gays get jiggy with the cast members. I still can't figure out the one guys' outfit. Is that a skirt OVER shorts with a cropped top?? The one couple was across the street from us so I apologize for the up close shots of the cowgirl's crotch getting in the way...unless you are a 14 year-old boy in which case, you're welcome!

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