Saturday, May 3, 2008


Mom and Dad both put a lot of work into hosting a graduation reception for me at their house. I was touched at how many people showed up!
Sheena and Jess
Delicious treats!
Miss Nina looking smokin'!
Noah chasing a chicken
The three quiet Pulaski's were in attendence sans their rowdy paterfamilias
Mrs. Sandi didn't really want to pet the chicken but gave into some peer pressure.

Bella and Jess
I'm always nervous when a big group gets together and not everyone is familiar with each other, but amazingly everyone seems to mingle and have a good time.
Perhaps it was the chickens that brought us all together!Brooke and Chris
Dad and Noah

The fam!
My fellow alumnist
Gee being sociable
Marcia and Doyle seemed to hit it off!
More presents!
Aran and Jared
Brooke loves her some chickens! If "the ladies" only knew about her Chic-Fil-A background I doubt they'd be so amiable. :)
Buck and Jared
Funny card

Thanks to everyone who attended! I really appreciate all the gifts, congratulations, and support. Love ya'll!

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