Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moving Day

Dave, Jess, and I made the trek down to P'cola to help Jess get moved into her trailer. Jared and a coworker came by and they had the truck unloaded in no time!

Whoever invented wallpaper border should be shot execution-style beside the tacky person who decided to buy it. Someone actully spent hard-earned money on this crap (I'm including the god awful curtains when I say "crap") then took the time to install in in her home. If the firing squad scene is a bit extreme, can we all at least agree that she should be sterilized so a future generation does not have to edure this horror?
Living Room

The bathroom
Master Bedroom

More living roomAnd now for the piece de resistance
Are you ready?
You may think so, but trust me, you aren't
This is your last chance to back out!
I give you...
The living room/kitchen transition
Do you see the little blue and red country border UNDERNEATH the transition poking through?
There is no excuse for this. Be glad it's revealed to you merely through photographs because I think beholding this much vulgarity in person causes cancer - atypical cells at least.
Dave's parents were kind enough to come over and help us dispose of the putrid excuse for decor.
I love to see a man doing housework. Heck yes it's going into a scrapbook if you were wondering.
It took HOURS to undo the wretched borders. When Jess and I grew tired of cursing the tasteless mess, we made up our own songs to curse it more effectively. Snow White has nothing on us.
Fortunatley by nightfall, the offending wallpaper was destroyed and replaced by good taste. Ahhhh. It "doeth good like a medicine" to behold this sight. Hopefully enough to undo those carcinogens. I can hardly wait to see what Jess does with the place.

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