Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

Dad, Mom, Katy, and the kids all spent a week on Smith Lake for the 4th of July. Dave, Gilbert, and I were able to join them for a couple days to share in the fun. There’s a million photos here that I don’t feel like putting in any particular order so I’ll just make little comments here and there. They will likely be snarky.

Getting a tutorial from Brandon before scaring the crap out of him

Dock Hide and Seek. Shhhhhh...

We had some yumilicious eats!

Dave borrows my Crocs..,Then returns wearing a matching skirt? What the heck?

Is it possible to chill out any more than this?

Dave demonstrates yet another appropriate occasion to wear an SCS tshirt. Sigh.

Dave wss the clear winner in the Jump Over the Funoodle Event.

We finished a Titanic murder mystery puzzle with no picture to go by! We have serious skills.

Most of us are familiar with Baptist swimming, (when in Rome! *rolling my eyes*) but Dad took it to a whole new level. Amish swimming. He wasn’t sunburned…I’ll give him that.

The hike from the house to the dock was over 100 steep steps. Once you were in the water, you STAYED there.

For meals too!

Does it get any better? Maybe if we actually caught something. ;)

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