Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taco Salad Cake

Gilbert's b'day is today and this is his taco salad cake. The chocolate cake was baked in a Wilton wonder mold pan. The top was cut off and crumbled to place around the edges for ground beef. The tortilla chips are made of fondant and cookie crumbs (for that chip texture). The tomatoes and olives are fondant brushed with tinted piping gel for shine. The lettuce is tinted stale coconut that tastes like food coloring. I'm going to warn everyone about that one! For cheese, I put tinted fondant in a cheese grater. The sour cream is just a wollop of buttercream frosting and the guacamole is the same only tinted and mixed with a couple reserved tomatoes for an authentic look.
This cake was probably the most fun to make out of any that I've done so far. It took about six hours total so it wasn't the easiest, but by far the "funnest." If someone actually mistakes it for taco salad tonight, I will be sooooo complimented.

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