Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's Turkey Time!

Mom really outdid herself on Thanksgiving dinner. We had quite the spread!

Dave going Medieval on a turkey leg. Forsooth! I must needs devour this leg of bird entirely!

Jared couldn't join us for dinner sadly, but he got to preach a Thanksgiving message at work release. Five people raised their hands for salvation so it was worth not having him with us.

Check out my green eyes! It's not Photoshop. Jess brought me some colored contacts from her workplace. Thanks again! I'm having way too much fun with the different colors. ;)Thankful for my hubby!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bible Baptist

We made it to Pensacola just in time for the song service at Bible Baptist. They have an incredible song leader now. ;)I tried to take some pictures of Dad, but he just won't stay still! Here's some video though. I should have taped the last half of the song instead of the first since that's when songbooks started flying. You gotta love songbook-slapping-guy (or "crazy eyes" as Dave calls him) Enjoy!

We hadn't eaten dinner so we grabbed a snack at Sonic-the same location where I worked during my first year at PBI. It's gotten a facelift since then!

Every school night, I'd exit through these doors...
and Dave would be waiting for me right here!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Brandon got an early Thanksgiving present this year!

Meet Chase. He's "bonafide" with papers and everything. What a little cutie.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Roller Skating

Friday night, we went to the Skate Castle with Micaiah and Mandy. Dave and I hadn't roller skated in years so this really took us back.

I don't think the Skate Castle has changed since the 80's

Notice anything special? Maybe that's how we spelled "Lockers" in 1987
Old signage

Who remembers these little beauties?
None of us were very photogenic that night. We must have been tired!

Next time we will wipe out, limbo, and hokey-pokey with the kiddos!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Photo Session

Our attempt to have professional photos made this year has been a nightmare so Cindy came to the rescue so we could have a decent Christmas card. Considering all she had to work with was my Kodak Easyshare camera and 15 minutes out in the church yard, I think she did an exceptional job. Thanks again!

I love this pose. We were thinking the sunbeam would look really cool (which it does) but as you can see it just wasn't working for Dave. There isn't a single picture where he isn't squinting. I tried to Photoshop it, but when I remove the squint he just winds up looking like a burn victim for some reason! Still...a cool picture

I wanted to experiment with a soft lens effect in Photoshop. I like it,but Dave thought it was too over the top so I toned it down a little.

Here's what I wound up with.

Another one that I love, but the sun on Dave's face just cannot be corrected any further even with selective brightness techniques.
Piggy back ride!

Here's an example of why I love Photoshop. This is the original picture.
Here's the picture with the brightness adjusted, the wet spots removed from my jacket, some zits removed, our teeth whitened subtly, and eyelashes for me (since my real ones never show up in pictures despite Tammy Faye proportions of mascara). You'll probably have to click on the pics to make them full-sized in order to see all the changes.

And here's this year's card. I wound up going black and white, removing the distracting posts in the background, adding a softening effect, and using selective color to make our eyes still blue while the rest of the photo is black and white.

Here's some food for thought for you gals. If little 'ol me can make so many photo changes with just a few minutes on my home computer, just imagine what they are doing to models and movie stars. Makes you wonder if they look much better than us!

House Party!

House Party is a company that sends freebies out to member in exchange for them hosting a "house party" (in our case a church party) with the free items in order to promote certain products. Since the men had the dreaded annual business meeting, us gals and the kids made an afternoon of it.

Playing Pictureka which Aran is waaay too good at.

Sleeping Beauty
Andrea won the draw for the Philadelphia cream cheese recipe tin. Whatcha gonna make us??
Cookie swap!
At least three people have asked, "what are you going to do with 9 dozen cookies since it's just the two of you!" [as if they didn't freeze ;)] Anyone who asks this does know my husband. During this time of year, 108 cookies will last about a week. No exaggeration. And that's just on his part. If I would like to have a few, you'd better made that only 5-6 days worth. At least this saves me from a little bit of baking!
Miss Lydia
Sandi checking out her goody bag

Everyone's cookies were incredibly tasty. Special thanks to Katy for making the bonus Apricot balls (Dave doesn't eat fruit of any kind so I get them all!!!) and to Cindy for sharing her cookies with some of the ladies who didn't participate.

Hope ya'll had fun! Maybe we'll be chosen for another house party soon!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trim the tree

What better way to spend a cold, rainy evening! I was trying to be artsy by turning the camera to make "wonky" pictures, but it wound up just looking stupid. Oh well!