Sunday, November 16, 2008

House Party!

House Party is a company that sends freebies out to member in exchange for them hosting a "house party" (in our case a church party) with the free items in order to promote certain products. Since the men had the dreaded annual business meeting, us gals and the kids made an afternoon of it.

Playing Pictureka which Aran is waaay too good at.

Sleeping Beauty
Andrea won the draw for the Philadelphia cream cheese recipe tin. Whatcha gonna make us??
Cookie swap!
At least three people have asked, "what are you going to do with 9 dozen cookies since it's just the two of you!" [as if they didn't freeze ;)] Anyone who asks this does know my husband. During this time of year, 108 cookies will last about a week. No exaggeration. And that's just on his part. If I would like to have a few, you'd better made that only 5-6 days worth. At least this saves me from a little bit of baking!
Miss Lydia
Sandi checking out her goody bag

Everyone's cookies were incredibly tasty. Special thanks to Katy for making the bonus Apricot balls (Dave doesn't eat fruit of any kind so I get them all!!!) and to Cindy for sharing her cookies with some of the ladies who didn't participate.

Hope ya'll had fun! Maybe we'll be chosen for another house party soon!

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Pulaskis said...

We had a lot of fun!! Thanks Jenn!