Saturday, December 20, 2008


ICE! was a real treat. Thanks, Mom. I'd been wanting to see this for a couple years.

The exhibit is kept at 9 degrees, but the parkas kept us comfortable except for our fingers!
Over 2 million pounds of ice was used to sculpt Whoville and all the other Grinchy goodies seen.
I wonder how they color the ice?? Glorified food coloring?

The Grinch's heart grew five sizes that day!
Ice slides! The closest we'll get down South to any kind of winter activity.

The rare who roast beast.

Katy and her beloved Max. Poooor Max.

Paparazzi! Noooo!

Dad being a "butt." te-he

First off we have Gilbert demonstrating the correct way to go down the slide, then Bella with her own take on ice sliding. Again, if you are viewing this on Facebook you'll have to visit the blog directly to see video.

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