Friday, December 19, 2008

Road Trippin'

We weren't even smoking anything. Can you believe it? Here's a clip from our Kazoo concert. Dad opted for hands-free kazooing after a close call with another driver. ;) If you are reading this on Facebook, you'll have to visit the actual blog to watch the video. Only pictures and text import for some reason ( Be sure to check out "White Trash Christmas" while you're there. Good stuff.

Rooms at Embassy Suites. Super nice. Super peaceful until...
We were minding our own business in the Grant/Gervens suite when all of a sudden the fire alarms sounded. Dad stuck his head out the door and noted that it smelled like burned popcorn so there was nothing to worry about. Who do you suppose burned the popcorn? Watch and see.
The ironic thing is that if they had just left it in their room, the heat detector wouldn't have picked up the smoke. Katy panicked and had Gilbert throw the bag out into the hallway trash where it set of the smoke alarms. The security guard was none too pleased and claimed we were going to have to pay $200 for the fire department's fee. Fortunately, the manager was understanding and let us off the hook.

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