Thursday, December 18, 2008

SCS Christmas Party

This year, the Christmas party was at The Jazz Factory. Dave and I arrived late (hard to believe, I know) and had to sit at a booth by ourselves. Or...we got to sit at a booth by ourselves whichever way you want to look at it. Free date night!!!! Awesome! Dave had the Rosemary Chicken and had the Mediterranean Pasta. Both were delish.

Mrs. Sandi trying to behave herself. I think you should wear your hair like this more often. It's so cute!

Bud and Irene
Joe and Doug - who is unashamedly striking a pose.
I can't figure out if it's Blue Steel or Magnum, but...

Tom and poor Tom's wife who braved the man table.
Terri and Terry. That never gets confusing
The Big Kahuna and Bryan. :)

Frank and his wife (Lisa?? Sorry if that's wrong.)

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