Monday, December 28, 2009

Short Visit with the Gervens'

We would have loved more than a few hours with Mom and Dad, but we're still really thankful they could stop by on their way home from Tennessee.

Mom-Mom never forgets her grandkitties!

They brought Dave and I a Ruckman Reference Bible! Woo-hoo! Did you know that Engelbert Humperdinck's real name is Arnold Dorsey? Find that in your Scofield, people! Quando, Quando, Quando will I need to know that? Maybe if I ever make it on to Jeopardy.
In all seriousness though, an incredible gift. We love it!
They also brought Dave a pocket knife and cheese and crackers. I have completely hijacked his cracker stash though since they actually stay down. :) I'm loving my toe socks with moisturizers built in. Thanks, Mom!

Mom got another little Steiff to add to her collection. She actually got a bear this time instead of some offbeat creature that I couldn't resist.
Never will you see another human being this excited over a tie. Never. Hickory Farms baskets and neckties are things you get people when you don't what else to get them. In the case of Dave and his dad, respectively, cheese baskets and ties are what you buy to show you care. Make sure you don't reverse that order though. If you bring a tie within a 10 foot radius of Dave you will regret it my friend.
Dad also got a drill/saw combo kit from us and Mom. From the look on his face, maybe we should have just gotten him more ties? Nah, he liked it a lot.
And now for the piece de resistance, the coupe de grace...

An "I Love Grandma" onesie
I love the look on Dad's face. It was snapped about .00352 seconds after he figured out what was going on. Thanks for being just as exciting about #14 as my parents are about #1. That means a lot. Love ya'll!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Italian Murder Mystery Dinner

The day after Christmas, Mom hosted a murder mystery dinner. This is becoming somewhat of a tradition in the family especially if Aunt Margaret is here!

Cast of Characters

Mama Rosa Roni - Katy
Rocco Scarfazzi - Martin
Bo Jalais - Dave
Angel Roni - Jenn
Father Alfredo - Andy
Clair Voyant (aka served all our food in costume!) - Patti
Tara Misu - Margaret
Marco Roni - Gilbert

Before we sat down to eat, Dave and I had to give Mom a present that we "forgot" on Christmas Day.
The Granny Diaries: An Insider's Guide for New GrandmothersEveryone was pretty excited once they figured it out. ;)

Dad wasted no time putting on his "Expectant Grandpa" pin from two years ago. Please pray that he gets to wear it until August this time! We are very cautiously expecting after one miscarriage.
On to the party! It was probably a toss-up between Margaret and Katy as to who was the most into her role.
They both put forth their best Italian accents from the Old Country. Our recent trip to NYC helped me with my mobster persona. LOL
Dad behaving in typical priest fashion. ;) He then proceeded to demand everyone's confession. It's sparkling cider, people. Relaaaax.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Mom and Dad hosted Christmas dinner at their home. It was delicious of course.

Aunt Margaret and Mom

Bella made my stocking herself even cutting the pattern for it.
Of course Dave got enough cheese and sausage to feed a small country. Know what he said at the end of the day? "All right! I'm going to be set for tonight!" He can eat his weight in cheese. I've never seen the like.
stocking stuffers

We opened Christmas crackers that had little toys and jokes in them. Dad got a magnifying glass.Cracking up over thinking an emery board was an air freshener then thinking it was at least scented. You'd have to be there.

Gee reluctantly opening gifts. Not her favorite thing. :)
Bella got a goat for her Josephina American Girl doll.

Mom and Dad have had this stocking for Brandon since he was born. I need to find a picture of him with it as a baby and post them side by side.
Brighton charms - An Alabama and a New Jersey to symbolize each other.
Bella and I had fun playing Webkinz.

Cash for a truck box and cash for horseback riding lessons. Cash is gooooood. Thanks Mom and Dad!

And the most appropriate gift for Aran ever...
A sheep that poops jellybeans

He's prairie dogging! (If you've seen Rat Race this will be funny to you. If not, it's just plain gross!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Dave and I couldn't resist opening our gifts to each other a little early. Before you criticize Dave for getting me a skillet, know that I did ask for this exact one! ;)A new wallet for Dave

A snuggy for my cold-natured self! Dave liked the green color. It's a good thing since this is what I'll be wearing every day when he gets home from work. Maybe I'll get some pink sponge rollers in my stocking to accessorize.
One of the items on the very short list of books Dave will actually read.
Dead Sea manicure kit.
Dave also got me a pair of New Balances that I wanted and I got him a magazine subscription. Thanks, Honey for all my nice stuff!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Caroling

A few of us from church met to go Christmas caroling. It was a little chilly so we wound up going to the nursing home where we could be indoors. The residents and staff all were blessed, but probably not as much as we were! We got such a warm, fuzzy, Christmassy feeling from ministering to others. :) Special thanks to Belinda for taking the time to make our bonnets and capes.Warming up.

Aunt Margaret and Uncle Martin.