Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Brandon requested a special dinner for his birthday. We don't really have a name for this dinner game, but you can read about the concept here as we played it for Christmas 2007. The twist this time is that Brandon wanted to serve everyone else and eat in the kitchen in peace after watching us all suffer. Birthday boy gets what birthday boy wants!

He made up the menu himself and some of the items wound up being clues of sorts. For example, the "3-pointer" wound up being a fork. Others were completely random which probably added to Brandon's fun as we all sat around trying to plot a strategy that would deliver a utensil along with our mashed potatoes.

Dave scooping up red velvet cake with another food item (can't tell what).

Dave eating baked beans with a piece of cheese (gotta be quick before it melts!)
Katy scooping up mashed potatoes with a cucumber
Aran eating a salad by hand
Can we drag them away from a gory action movie long enough for presents?

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