Sunday, March 8, 2009

40th Anniversary BBQ

Verman and Belen Canta celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary today with a BBQ . They invited many of their Filipino family and friends.

Csilla's tiramisù and espresso. Anna, Csilla, Victoria, Nick, and Chris
An afternoon singing on the veranda
Angelo and Caleb
Csilla and Saiyora

Angelica, Angelo, Joshua, Meaghan, Victoria, and me

Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Canada, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Argentina, The Philipines, The United States, Albania, Romania were all represented here today. Csilla's kitchen has become UN headquarters. :)

Maritess, Natalia, Anna, and Marilou

The church gave the couple an anniversary breadmaker. They were thrilled.The wind was blowing our pages around until Elina had a stroke of genius. She snatched Meaghan's hair clip
Ring around the rosies
Meaghan looking a little overloaded :)

Playing football!

Csilla wrangling the best pasta salad I've ever tasted.
Elina, Saiyora, Csilla, and Vicky being all domestic!
Vernon at the grill
The best sausages I've ever eaten. No lie. Dave, they were charred on the outside and juicy on the inside. I swear it would have been worth the price of a plane ticket to taste one!

More singing

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Csilla said...

What a fun day, thanks for being a part of it!