Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At Home with the Homans

The Homan's Audi uses natural gas since it is more cost effective than petrol.
The neighbor's house.
One of Jamie's "toys": a tract folder

Pretty chili peppers??

They are hand-painted by Csilla herself! Gorgeous!

Beautiful kitchen. I'm in love with it (and the food that comes out of it. More on that later).

Italian bathrooms part deux!

A bidet! Does it get any classier? Csilla thinks so. Like the removal of that waterlogged board for starters. From trailer trash to Eurotrash. Nothing says "Ciao, ya'll" better.

Another push-button flusher. Waaaay funner than a handle.
Pretty to look at, but not fun to climb!

Caleb modeling his new designer Crocs.

Breakfast: Coffee flavored yogurt...

Bakery fresh bread with mascarpone and preserves, or nutella

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