Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick Day

Last night on the bus ride my throat started hurting. By 11pm I had a high fever and chills. Hopefully this is due to jet lag, insomnia, and being out in the cold rain all day and not something I picked up on the plane.'s post is all about throat drops, vitamin C fizzie drinks, and antibiotics (which are OTC here!) Poor Caleb has been sick too so the three of us didn't leave the house today. Csilla probably felt like a hospital worker at the end of the day!

Sleeping until 2PM took care of the fever though my throat is still extremely sore. Csilla made a delicious omlete and keeps me full of a special throat drink. It's so nice to be babied when sick and far away from home. For dinner she made spaghetti with a bacon, egg, and cheese sauce. Yum!
So you can get an idea of how big the kids are!
And just for fun...

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