Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today's grocery stop- warning...not for the squeamish

Not only was the horse baby food in stock, but there were two different brands for discriminating tastes. I dropped and broke a jar of lamb, but they didn't make me pay for it thankfully. It cracks me up that the pictures on the package are of the animal being eaten rather than of a cute Gerber baby. Feed your baby pig...feed your baby horse...feed your baby rabbit. LOL. Elina further pointed out that the animals pictured are SMILING. Hahahaha. That sent me into more giggles. It's good to know that a warped sense of humor knows no cultural barriers.

They also had veal in addition to beef so there was a picture of a baby cow on one and an adult cow on the other.

Dave!!! Cheese!!!
Here is a rabbit complete with head and eyes.I warned you!

Same thing except with chicken. The feet are there too. A lady from India saw me taking this picture and was amused.

You bag your own groceries and you have to pay for the bags!

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Csilla said...

who needs Walmart when you've got Sma?