Thursday, March 5, 2009

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

There is a small group of ruins in the middle of Piazza di Torre Argentina which a volunteer organization has turned into a cat sanctuary. Being a future crazy old cat lady, I just had to check it out.

May I just say thank goodness a camera cannot capture odor. Phew!
This is Sucre (French for sugar), my favorite kitty. I didn't know that white cats are susceptible to skin cancer if they are exposed to too much sun.Sucre had both ears removed due to skin cancer. He's down in the sick bay because he wants to be outside in the sun all the time. He often escapes though. He made several attempts at the door during our visit. Smart guy!
We spent most of our time petting kitties down in the sick bay since visitors are not permitted to roam the ruins.

The orange plastic construction fencing really ruined the ambiance of the ruins, but oh well.

After our adventure in the city we took public transportation home. First a tram, then a bus, then a subway train, then Jamie picked us up from the station in the car.

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