Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tracting Fellowship

The troops are ready for battle. Three teams of two.

Eline and I got out about 400 tracts in mailboxes and hands in about two hours. It's so much easier to hand out tracts when one doesn't speak the native language. "Buon giorno, prego" was my line and it didn't matter if they cussed me out after I'd said it since I didn't understand a word. One cranky old man did curse at us, but I didn't know until Eline told me after the fact. :)

Hehe. Had to sneak something Disney in on the trip!
We look so wiped out! It was a beautiful day to be out and about. Csilla made some delicious penne for lunch.
I tried to capture a little bit of traffic craziness. Like so many other things, the camera doesn't do it justice. Still, you can get an idea of the cars, motorini, bikes, and people all out and about. Plus we got cut off! If you are on Facebook, you'll need to visit the blog to see video.

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welcome to Acilia, Eline.