Saturday, March 14, 2009


We flew from Rome to Venice and back again all in the same day and crammed in as much as possible. Mostly I just enjoyed taking everything in. The place is eye candy!

The cemetery island
A public water bus



Rialto Bridge. Free Tibet!

Glass miniatures

Mailing Mom and Dad a postcard

St. Marks Basilica. Pictures are not permitted inside unfortunately, but you can see some here

Giant Swatch ad. Classy. *sigh*
The Bridge of Sighs

I took this on the bus. The Italian Alps.

A bit like Where's Waldo, but see if you can spot me.

St. Mark's Square

A gypsy begging

The Bridge of Sighs....under renovation.

We missed our bus back to the airport and had to spend every last Euro for a cab.
Csilla was pretty upset!My Carnivale mask

Some video of the grand canal while riding a vaparetto.

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Csilla said...

Even though we paid the stupid tax at the end of the trip, it was still LOADS of fun. Thanks again, Brother Andy and Mrs.Patti !!! B.T.W. did the post cards arrive yet???