Sunday, March 22, 2009

We're Building an Ark

Car crashes in the lawn, water main breaks....everything happens at night. I need a video camera with night mode.
We were quietly minding out business Sunday night when we heard frantic honking. A kind couple had stopped to alert us the only way they could that our yard was now a small river

Here's the source of the main break right at the top of our driveway. It would up flooding our garage, Dave's shop, the yard (duh), as well as several neighboring yards.

The water flowing toward the house

Dave's looking for the nearest rice paddy

Here's lots of video that didn't turn out too well due to lack of light. Good sound though! The last one is of water running under the house.

Our yard is ruined to say the least, but the good people of Madison County have grudgingly promised to repair a few MONTHS. No lie. :(

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Csilla said...

wow, when it rains it really floods! Hope House, tools, vehicles, pets are all O.K. did you take any pics. during the next day? Will the city do any landscaping? Please,.. must! Hope neither of you got waterlogged!