Monday, April 13, 2009

Yay for Americanized Italian food!

Since everybody had other obligations Friday, we had a little birthday celebration Monday night at Olive Garden. I figure if Csilla can live in Rome and miss Macaroni Grill, then there's nothing wrong with my liking Olive Garden just as well as true Italiano!

Caramel macchiato: totally worth keeping you awake all night

Can't let any go to waste!

1/2 the group is paying attention at least

Mom and Dad got me a beautiful sapphire necklace.

What's a continental restaurant birthday without wait staff coming out and pretending to be excited that it's your birthday?? A sad birthday indeed!Thank God they didn't bring out a giant hat ala Red Lobster

Aran partied just a little too hard.


Misty said...

The black waiter looks pretty excited about your birthday! :)

Jennifer said...

It was his first day so he hadn't had time to hate all the customers yet. :) I'm sure he's looking more like the waitress by now!

Csilla said...

Yeah, most restaurants don't sing you happy birthday here, be happy if you get service with a smile!:)
LOOK, a RED dining room to increase appetite and get the digestive juices flowing! Not to mention make the food look better and create a nice, warm, inviting atmosphere! Now do you see why I'd like to paint my dining ├Čroom red too????