Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bass Pro

I thought all Bass Pro Shops were pretty much identical until we stopped at the Prattville location. It's so much nicer than the one in Nashville!We ate at their restaurant (grilled salmon pasta for both of us). It was excellent.

Behold its glory!

Silly me, but I thought the bathroom signs were too cute.


Misty said...

I would NEVER be able to pull Mark out of that store. Thankfully we don't have one here locally...that I know of. :) Like the bathroom signs by the way. :)

Csilla said...

It would be great if they put an IKEA in next to it as they have at various locations in Ontario, Canada. Not that Bass Pro is not a great store in itself of course!!!

Jennifer said...

For real! IKEA is Bass Pro for women (and gays hahahaha). We are screaming for one down here. Nashville would be perfect.

Brandi said...

Love the pics Jenn, we just passed the one in Prattville this weekend when we went to the Gulf. Have y'all been to the one near B'ham? David went yesterday and said it was pretty good.

Jennifer said...

No, we haven't been to that one yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. :) Rumor has it they are opening one in the Decatur area so I hope that's true.